BOPP Self-Adhesive Tapes

“ORIENTAL” manufactures a wide range of high-quality BOPP (bioxially oriented polypropylene) tapes. They have been designed to provide complete protection to packages during transit and handling. They are ideal for use in automatic packing machines. “ORIENTAL” BOPP tapes are tamper-proof and are available in a variety of colours, thickness, roll lengths and roll widths. We also manufacture custom-printed or signature tapes that can be printed with your company's logo or product name. This not only prevents tampering, it also provides companies a branding opportunity.

Masking Tape

Masking tape, also known as sticky tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied.

Double Side E V A / PE Form Tapes

These double coated foam tape products are available with both a synthetic rubber adhesive or an acrylic adhesive in black and white. Our double coated foam tape products offer high tack, excellent shear and aggressive bonding strength.

This foam tape products offer great conformability and adhesion to irregular or uneven surfaces. The synthetic rubber is formulated to resist UV aging and offers immediate quick stick. Foam Tape for Mounting Signs, Die Cut Configurations, As Mounting Fixtures, Automobile sector to paste door beading and ornaments etc.

Bopp Coloured Tapes

Coloured box-sealing tape, parcel tape or packing tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for closing or sealing corrugated fiber board boxes, separation of export goods, Identification in stock arrangements, etc.Available in standard widths and lengths.

Water Activated / Self Adhesive / Printed Kraft Paper Tapes

Designed for fast, permanent adhesion and superior strength. Cracking of the adhesive surface provides our paper tape with excellent flexibility for sealing carton corners, edges and irregular surfaces. Use paper tapes to seal lightweight or standard sized packages or cartons that will be shipped in unitized loads or full pallets.

Custom Printed – advertise your company and products, provide directions for freight handlers and improve the appearance of your package

Double Side Tissue Tapes

Double Sided Tissue Tapes are made from non-woven-tissue paper coated on both sides with acrylic adhesive or hot melt rubber adhesive and laminated with release paper. Tissue Tapes are made with wide range of adhesives to get different adhesion levels and applications. Foam and felt lamination in automobile and appliances manufacturing, Splicing of films/paper/ oils, lamination and fastening in paper/plastic and printing industries, adhere posters & envelopes, in shoe and leather industry, for computerized embroidery, for mounting nameplates, metal/polycarbonate stickers etc.

Duct Tapes

Duct tape, is cloth- or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape, often coated with polyethylene. There are a variety of constructions, especially in air conditioning and pipe wrapping using different backings and adhesives.

Duct tape is generally silvery gray, but also available in other colors and even printed designs. Duct tape is commonly used in situations that require a strong, flexible, and very sticky tape. Some have a long-lasting adhesive and resistance to weathering.

Dry wall Joint Tapes

Dry Wall Joint Tapes high tensile strength to deliver strong, reliable wall joints that resist cracking, stretching, wrinkling and tearing under tools. Use with Joint Compounds to reinforce joints and corners. The roughened surface ensures a strong bond and the center-crease simplifies corner applications.

PVC Floor Marking Tapes

Use floor tape and aisle marking tape to designate work areas, clear zone areas or guide traffic. Color coding with floor tape and aisle marking tape also helps reduce employee confusion, improving their efficiency and performance. Whether you’re in need of visually marking a specific area with one of our pre-cut kits, want to customize borders or corners, or are looking for a way to design your workplace layout that leaves room for continuous - improvement changes later, our floor marking tape can get the job done for you. Our products offer easy application, easy pull-up with no mess for changing designs.

Cloth Tapes

Cloth tape is an adhesive tape made with a cloth backing to make it durable and flexible. The tape is useful for various purposes such as bandages, sealing walls, electrical and plumbing tasks and so on. Cloth tapes are easily available in specialty and hardware stores. While most cloth tapes come with adhesives, pressure-sensitive cloth tapes are also available which are used for special purposes without leaving a trace of any glue residue while holding the things together.

PVC Insulation Tapes

The PVC Insulation tapes are made out of Poly Vinyl Chloride Film. These insulation tapes find wide application in electrical applications for their good adhesion and insulation properties.

Insulation tapes suitable for insulation and protection of electrical parts and wires. These Insulation tapes are made from fine quality raw material to ensure total quality control and safety required. These are not just high on temperature resistance but also chemical, weather and solvent resistant. These are also widely useful in construction of electrical equipment for insulation.

Filament tape

Filament tape is very high tensile strength and not easy to break. With its strong adhesive force in single and both side tapes, it could help your packaging effectively. With high wear resistance and moisture resistance, and more characteristic of a wide range of applications, the number of most of the available economic of it’s could reach the best packing efficiency.

LLDPE Stretch Films

We are an importer/trader of Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It is frequently used to unitize pallet loads but also may be used for bundling smaller items. Types of stretch film include bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film and static dissipative film. Improved stability of products or packages, forming a load. More efficient handling and storage of unit loads. Some degree of dust and moisture protection. Some degree of tamper resistance and resistance to pilferage. Some degree of sun protection. (UV stretch wraps)Extend shelf life of certain foods.

Shrink Films

Shrink wrap, also shrink film, is a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Heat can be applied with a handheld heat gun (electric or gas), or the product and film can pass through a heat tunnel on a conveyor. The most commonly used shrink wrap is polyolefin. It is available in a variety of thicknesses, clarities, strengths and shrink ratios. The two primary films can be either cross-linked, or non-cross linked. Other shrink films include PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and several other compositions.

LLDPE Cling Films

Premium and certified food-safe cling film, clings well, thick and strong. Oriental Cling Film ideal for wrapping all kind of food stuffs include fat, butter or margarine. It’s suitable for use in fridge, freezer and microwave.

It’s also suitable for body-wrapping. Available in many sizes and you can now customize your measurements. Oriental Cling Wrap is also suitable for wrapping non-food items. For example: clinical tools, hair or skin for wellness treatment, etc.

Tape Dispenser

A tape dispenser is an object that holds a roll of tape and has a mechanism at one end to shear the tape. Dispensers vary widely based on the tape they dispense. Abundant and most common, clear tape dispensers (like those used in an office or at home) are commonly made of plastic, and may be disposable. Other dispensers are stationary and may have sophisticated features to control tape usage and improve ergonomics.

Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tape is generally used for many permanent sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications. Mainly used for temporarily repairs exhaust pipes, filling rust holes, seals joints of heating and ventilation ducts. Also we can supply aluminium foil fibreglass tape, the aluminium foil coated on the surface of the glass fibre tape, it is used as heat insulating materials for air conditioning duct insulation, refrigerator and other pipeline thermal insulation.